The Story Orchestra: Four Seasons in One Day
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The Story Orchestra: Four Seasons in One Day

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From the Publisher:

Illustrated by artist Jessica Courtney-Tickle.

Discover what it would be like to travel through the four seasons in one day!

Follow a little girl called Isabelle and her dog, Pickle on the adventure of a lifetime.

Watch as the little apple tree Isabelle carries with her buds, blossoms and loses its leaves as the seasons change and hear music from Vivaldi's Four Seasons by pressing a button on each new spread.

This charming and stylishly illustrated sound book also features a biography of Vivaldi at the back along with a guide to the music and is the perfect introduction to classical music for young children.


Each spread features a musical note to press and a 10 second sound clip from the original score of Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

This is the first title in a series of sound books that bring classical music to life for young children.

Lincoln Children's Books; Ina edition

Recommended for ages 3 years and older
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Customer Reviews
A: Stunning illustrations and beautiful music!
BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love the story, following a little girl and her puppy through the seasons. The illustrations are beautiful, such as color and movement fills each page. The music of Vivaldi completes the picture as each piece really goes with the picture or mood of the season. There is information on each piece of Vivaldi's music in the back of the book, as well as a little "quiz" to see if the child can guess which season each piece of music goes within the back of the book. This was a fun little challenge my son enjoyed. Pressing the music "button" was a little tricky sometimes while we were laying in bed reading, but that is my one and only minor complaint! My 6-year-old son and I truly enjoyed this interactive story!!

B: Beautiful introduction to on Vivaldi's Four Seasons
I home school my children and we are just starting to study composers. I am not a musical mom. I didn't grow up watching/ hearing orchestras or taking any kind of music lessons. I knew I didn't want that for my kids but also didn't really know where to start. These books have not only made my kids want to hear more of the real songs but me as well. We love Nutcracker one too and are hoping they put out more like this.

C: Great interactive music-story book that gives you Vivaldi's Four Seasons
A perfect book to share with my two granddaughters ages 8 and 6. They love to push the music button to hear a section of Vivaldi's music after I read them the story on each page. At the end of the book, they press all the buttons in the numbered order and hear the beautiful music of Vivaldi's Four Seasons. We got the Nutcracker in November, another interactive music storybook. I Cannot wait to see what J. Courtney Tickles comes up with next.

D: Definitely recommend this book.
My son loves classical music and as an adult, I was drawn to the beautiful artwork. I am absolutely amazed at the beauty ...
One of my friend's daughters received this book for Christmas and when I saw it I knew I wanted to purchase it for my 3-year-old. He loves classical music and as an adult, I was drawn to the beautiful artwork. I am absolutely amazed at the beauty that the illustrator, Jessica Courtney-Tickle has created on every page. I am excited to purchase anything else she has illustrated. It is a true masterpiece and is perfect to go alongside Vivaldi's musical and timeless masterpiece. I agree with another reviewer who said that it is a little difficult for my toddler to press the buttons, but that just makes a good excuse to snuggle on the couch and join in with him to read. Something I know I'll never regret doing. The story that goes along with the music and pictures is so cute too.


  • Replaceable long-life batteries included.
  • Hardcover, 24 pages.
  • Music of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky `The Nutcracker`


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10 7/8 in.

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12 2/8 in.

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5/8 in.

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1.5V x 3; AG-13 button cell