Sesame Street: Big Fire Truck Steering Wheel Play-a-Sound Storybook

Sesame Street: Big Fire Truck

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From the Publisher:

Hop on the fire engine with Elmo and his friends. YOU are in the driver’s seat!

Press the buttons and turn the wheel to hear 15 driving sounds and phrases!

Radio button plays 3 phrases:
- “Engine 123, this is dispatch. Smoke reported at 456 Sesame Street. Do you copy?”
- “Engine 123, water control. Open hydrant on Sesame Street.”
- “Engine 123, the scene is safe. Thanks for your help!”

Help Elmo Drive the Firetruck!
Turning the Steering Wheel in either direction triggers a sound.

Hours and hours of fun!

Publications International Ltd.

Customer Reviews
A: Never gets tired of it
My son absolutely loves this book, I have been reading it to him since he was 6 months old and he never gets tired of it. Better then most play-a-sound type books, I recommend it for all kids 3 and under.