Hello Kitty: Hello Songs! Digital Music Player
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Hello Kitty: Hello Songs! Digital Music Player

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From the Publisher:

The Hello Kitty: Hello Songs lets children dance and sing along to 20 songs using a detachable toy digital MP3 player.

Each two-page spread in the book features the lyrics of four songs, each marked with an illustrated icon that matches an icon in the toy digital MP3 player.

To play a song, children spin the wheel on the MP3 player to find the corresponding icon on the LCD screen. As they dance and sing along, kids can watch the animated icon move to the music.

The MP3 player has Play, Shuffle, and Stop buttons. The Shuffle button plays three songs at random.

Publications International, Ltd.

Recommended for ages 3 years and older
Battery Replacement

Customer Reviews
1yo LOVES music, closest thing to toddler iPod!
I bought this specifically for the music player and I'm so glad I stumbled upon this. My daughter is 13mos and LOVES little music players. But the vtech, leapfrog, and fisher price ones that we have aren't as interesting to her and the songs are all very short.
This has a play, shuffle, and stop button which is more like this Parents brand toy iPod that was her older brother's. We had it for years and she loved it but it was several years old and broke. They don't make it anymore.
The songs on this sound more like normal toddler songs you'd hear on a toddler song album instead of the typical toy sounding songs on the other toys that we have.
Also, it has a little digital display that plays black pixelated images on it like the leapfrog chat and plays the phone that we have.
If your kid likes music and carrying around a music player, I highly recommend this!


  • Replaceable long-life batteries included.
  • Detachable digital MP3 Player. The MP3 player includes Play, Shuffle, and Stop buttons.
  • On the LCD screen, a simple animated icon - one for each of the 20 songs - will also be displayed.


Length :

11 in.

Width :

11 in.

Thickness :

5/8 in.

Batteries :

3 replaceable AAA batteries