Speed Racer Steering Wheel Play-a-Sound Storybook

Speed Racer Steering Wheel Play-a-Sound Storybook

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From the Publisher:

Will Speed Racer beat Racer X in the big race? Get behind the wheel of the Mach 6 and find out!

Inspired by the film, Speed Racer, written and directed by The Wachowski Brothers.

Press the buttons to hear 13 Mach 6 sounds!

Steering Wheel books feature a mounted telescoping base with a steering wheel that raises and locks into place. Sound triggers, including the horn button on the wheel, make realistic vehicle sounds to accompany the story.

Each spread features the story with illustration on the left-hand page, while the right-hand page shows what the child sees through the "windshield" at a particular point in the story.

Publications International Ltd.

Recommended for ages 18 months and older
Battery Replacement


  • Replaceable long-life batteries included.
  • Board book, 12 pages.
  • Features a dashboard of a boat including a steering wheel and 13 sound triggers.
  • The steering wheel features a working horn.
  • Colorful icons to tell readers when to add the appropriate sound.


Length :

11 in.

Width :

11 in.

Thickness :

2 in.

Batteries :

1.5V x 3; AG-13 button cell