Marvel The Amazing Spider-Man : Here Comes the Amazing Spiderman

Marvel The Amazing Spider-Man : Here Comes the Amazing Spiderman

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From the Publisher:

Play-a-Sound a Flashlight Adventure Sound Book.

Real working flashlight.
Use the flashlight to create shadows and sounds.

Villains can't hide from Spider-Man. Read the story and use your flashlight to help Spider save the day!

Shine your flashlight on the pop-ups to cast shadows.

Learn how to make your own hand shadows!

Press 5 sound buttons right on the flashlight.

Publications International Ltd.

Recommended for ages 3 years and older
Battery Replacement

Customer Reviews
A: Cooler than looking at the cover
This is a fun product and far cooler than it appears from looking at the cover. It is a pop-up book with a special flashlight that also makes sound effects to go with the story. By shining the light on the pop-ups, you see neat shadows and silhouettes on the wall...


  • Replaceable long-life batteries included.
  • Each spread includes a pop-up.
  • Real flashlight to cast shadows on the book and through the pop-ups.
  • Three spreads include glow-in-the-dark material.
  • Flashlight sound module includes 5 sound buttons and on/off switch for the light.


Length :

11 in.

Width :

11 in.

Thickness :

1 in.

Batteries :

2 replaceable AAA batteries