Listen and Learn: Musical Instruments. Sound Cards
Listen and Learn: Musical Instruments. Sound Cards Inside

Listen and Learn: Musical Instruments

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From the Publisher:

Illustrator: Sean Longcroft.

Little children can hear the sounds of more than 70 musical instruments with these delightfully illustrated sound cards.

There are four double-sided cards showing groups of instruments from a cello to a didgeridoo and trombone.


Slot a card into the frame, then press the picture of an instrument to hear its sound.

Topics on the cards includes:

  • Sound when they are hit, shaken, or rattled
  • Plucking or hitting
  • Sound when players blow into them
  • Players blow instruments to make a sound
  • Instruments are played in a variety of ways
  • Instrument that sounds by pressing strips called keys
  • Instruments are plucked to make a sound
  • Instruments are played by moving a bow

Usborne Publishing Ltd.

Recommended for ages 3 years and older
Battery Replacement

Customer Reviews
A: Entertaining musical activity for toddlers
Very fun book. It isn't really a book as much as its a place to put cards (i think there are 4 that are double-sided) push a button and hear a sound but its really neat and keeps mu 3 years old entertained for an hour. My 2yr old has trouble getting new cards in. I have to help or they rip for sure. I will say I wish it said out loud what instrument was making the sound so when my 3yr old is working by himself he still would be able to learn.

B: Sounds for 70 Instruments
A little complicated for kids - you have to insert card in the window on the right side of the book and then press ‘go’ to get the correct sounds for that card - there are 5 ‘cards’. Sounds of 70 different instruments.


  • Replaceable long-life batteries included.
  • The book with hardcover and paper cards in the pocket.
  • 4 double-sided cards, each featuring 9 different instruments. Over 70 musical sounds.
  • On/Off switch to save the batteries.


Length :

9 7/8 in.

Width :

8 3/8 in.

Thickness :

5/8 in.

Batteries :

1.5V x 3; AG-10 button cell