Listen and Learn: First German Words. Sound Cards
Listen and Learn: First German Words. Sound Cards Inside

Listen and Learn: First German Words

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From the Publisher:

Author/Editor: Sam Taplin & Mairi Mackinnon,
Illustrator: Rosalinde Bonnet.

This book is actually an interactive sound panel with topic cards to listen to 128 German words spoken by a native speaker.

Simply take one of the four topic cards out of the envelope and insert into the special frame, then press a picture to hear the word.


Each of the four double-sided cards shows sixteen words from a topic such as clothes, food, or animals with colorful corresponding pictures.

An engaging way for children to learn German as a first or second language.

Usborne Publishing Ltd.

Recommended for ages 3 years and older
Battery Replacement

Customer Reviews
A: Great learning tool!
LOVE this product!

  • Replaceable long-life batteries included.
  • The book with hardcover and paper cards in the pocket.
  • 4 cards, 8 thems, 128 words spoken by a German native speaker.
  • On/Off switch to save the batteries.


Length :

9 5/8 in.

Width :

8 3/8 in.

Thickness :

3/8 in.

Batteries :

1.5V x 3; AG-10 button cell