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Electronic Time for Learning: The Human Body

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From the Publisher:

Electronic Time for Learning: The Human Body is an interactive sound book that teaches readers about the human body through facts, colorful illustrations, audio pronunciations of more than 150 scientific words, and more than 200 interactive quiz questions.

This hardcover book investigates the inside of the human body, from goosebumps to burping to sneezing and more.

Each chapter details a different body system with lively text and clear diagrams.

To hear how an anatomical term is pronounced, readers enter a three-digit Say It code from the text into the keypad attached to the book.
Scientific terms range from the familiar (triceps, insulin) to more advanced terms like gastrocnemius, zygomaticus major, and optic chiasma.

Readers can also use the book's codes to answer interactive What Do You Think? quiz questions, such as:
How many cells does your body have?
and What percentage of the brain consists of water?

To further enhance learning, each chapter concludes with a 10-question challenge.
After entering your answer choices on the keypad, you ll hear your final score.

This book is a fascinating look at the mighty machine called the human body.
Each of its chapters teaches important facts about anatomy through text, images, and sound:
The Skeletal System
Muscle Power
The Digestive System
The Circulatory System
The Respiratory System
The Excretory System
The Nervous System
The Endocrine System
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Recommended for ages 8 years and older
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Customer Reviews
A: Fantastic!
Book is great, informative and fun for kids yet grown up enough to treat them like young doctors. Not too difficult but deep enough in information to keep them interested. The book will make a great present.


  • Replaceable long-life batteries included.
  • Hardcover, 115 pages.
  • A narrator reads descriptions and interactive quizzes as you put the code from the page.
  • Included facts, colorful illustrations, audio pronunciations of scientific words, and interactive quiz questions about human body systems.


Length :

11 in.

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10 3/8 in.

Thickness :

7/8 in.

Batteries :

3 replaceable AAA batteries